Unitat 40

Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs are broadly used in English, mainly in spoken and informal written English.

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See the list below containing some of the most useful phrasal verbs and their meaning.

  • be up to → Be doing something.


  • chill out → Relax.
  • come up against → Deal with a problem.
  • come up with → Have/suggest a sudden idea or plan.
  • cut down (on) → Do less of something, or use smaller amounts.


  • deal with → Take action to do something, especially to solve a problem.


  • get over → Feel better after a bad situation or an illness.
  • get away with → Manage to avoid being punished for something.
  • get on with something → Continue doing (something).
  • get on with somebody → To be friends, like each other. (same as get along with somebody.)
  • give up → Stop doing something.
  • go off → Stop liking something.


  • hang around with → Spend time with someone.
  • hand back → Return something to the person it belongs.
  • hand in → Give something to someone in position of authority.


  • look after → Take care of someone or something.
  • look forward to → Feel happy about something that is about to happen.
  • look back → Think about something that happened in the past.


  • pick up → Collect someone or something.
  • pop into → Go into a place or visit someone for a short period of time.
  • put off → Postpone an event, meeting, etc.


  • take over → Take control.
  • take up → Start doing a hobby.


  • wear out → Make someone extremely tired.

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Respon a les següents preguntes per avaluar el que has après.

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