Unitat 49

Life events

The concept of lifetime is described as the period of time during which an individual is alive.

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During this period, people suffer from many changes and go through many different stages:




Be born

Start primary school

Pass your exams

Leave school

Start secondary school

Fall in love

Ask out for dates

Go to university

Get a degree



Get a job

Start work

Leave home

Rent or buy a house

Get engaged

Get married / Get divorced

Have children

Bring up your children

Move house

Get promoted

Be fired

Celebrate an anniversary


Connected to this list of events, we can easily find dates and years. Have a look at the explanation on how to divide and say dates.

Dates are usually split up in tens. For example:

  • 1852 = 18 and 52 = eighteen fifty-two.


When the second part of the number is from 00 to 09 we say:

  • 1800 = eighteen hundred.
  • 1807 = eighteen hundred (and) seven // eighteen oh-seven.

From 2000 until 2009 the year is (usually) NOT split up (although from 2010 on, the year is generally split up again). For example:

  • 2000 = two thousand.
  • 2002 = two thousand (and) two.
  • 2010 = two thousand (and) ten // twenty ten.

When writing dates, they are usually organised as follows:

2nd February, 2011 = the second of February twenty eleven.

RULE: day + month + year (in American English, we usually say month + day + year).



Remember the use of preposition with dates:

ON + DAYS, DATES → on Monday (morning), on the 21st of July.

IN + YEARS, MONTHS →  in 1990, in September.

AT + TIMES →  at 9 am.


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