Unitat 38


The combination gh in English may be pronounced like /f/ or it may be silent, which means that it doesn’t sound.

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To know whether to pronounce it one way or the other may be difficult, but here you’ll find some clues that will make your life easier.

There are mainly four different cases in which we find the combination gh:


  1. Words ending in -gh.

We divide these words into two possible pronunciations. The best thing is to group them and try to learn by heart how they are pronounced.


  1. Words ending in -ght.

The combination gh is never pronounced. This happens in the past and past participle forms of some verbs, such as for example: thought (from think), and in some other words like weight or light. As you can hear if you click on the words above, we only pronounce the final t, and never the combination gh.


  1. Words starting with gh-.

They aren’t very frequent and they have sometimes been adopted from other languages. In these cases, the gh- combination is pronounced /g/, as in gap. We have for example ghetto.


  1. Words containing -gh- in the middle.

When a word contains the letters gh in the middle we have different possibilities for its pronunciation:

  • We pronounce /f/ in derivatives of the words in 1A: laughing or coughed.
  • We keep it silent in derivatives of the words in 1B: higher, sighed.
  • We pronounce a simple /g/ in words like Afghanistan or aghast.
  • We pronounce /g/ and /h/ as separate phonemes in compound words such as bigheaded.

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