Unitat 8

Expressing opinions

When giving our opinion, we say what we think, feel or believe about something or somebody.

Contingut exercicis

There are as many opinions as people in the world:


Verbs for showing opinion
To like like
To love
To prefer
To dislike dislike
Can’t stand
To hate

Some people are what we call “opinionated” à they express their ideas and opinions strongly and frequently because they are very certain about what they believe.

However, not everybody is so “opinionated” à there are people who are cautious and careful when asked about their opinions or who try to distance themselves about what they believe in order to keep an open mind.

When we give opinions, we have to decide how we’d like to express them.

  • Do we want to sound confident and strong?
  • Do we want to sound cautions and respectful?
  • Can we run the risk of sounding indecisive or, on the contrary, rude?


Phrases we can use to give our opinion:

Strong opinion I’m absolutely convinced that
  In my opinion
To my mind
Cautious or reluctant opinion I suppose that…
  As far as I understand it,
If you ask me…
I would say that…
Objective opinion Apparently,
I’ve heard that…
People say….
Subjective opinion From my point of view…
For me,
The way I see it…

But we can also ask for other people’s opinions. Here you have some examples of how to do it!

What do you think (about…)?
Do you agree (with…)?
How do you feel about this?
Do you have anything to say about this?
Wouldn’t you say that…?

When giving our opinions we are often discussing with our interlocutor. Here we have some ways of agreeing or disagreeing when doing so:

To agree Absolutely
No doubt about it
That’s for sure
You have a point there
I (completely) agree with this opinion
To agree partially I agree with you, but…
I agree with this point of view, but…
To disagree I disagree with you
I don’t think so
I don’t agree (with).
No way!




Discuss = to talk about

Argue= to quarrel



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